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    Team Project · 2023

About Dimas

Dimas represents a collaborative initiative between the Apple Developer Academy and MRT Jakarta, serving as an iOS application and product prototype designed to address indoor navigation challenges within the MRT Jakarta system.

Project Goals


Our team developed Dimas in response to the challenge of indoor navigation within the MRT Jakarta system.

Target audience

New commuters of MRT Jakarta.

Development Process


First of all, we actually went to the MRT stations in Jakarta! We conducted a field research by engaging with the environment where our target users would interact with the app. This approach allowed us to gain insights into their needs and behaviors.

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Field research at MRT Jakarta

We observed how commuters navigated the station, interacted with ticketing systems, and utilized their smartphones. We conducted interviews and surveys to understand their pain points and expectations regarding an app that could enhance their commuting experience.

Brainstorming and Design Process

Through our research, we identified a common challenge faced by new commuters: navigating the different sections within the station. We also found that these newcomers often depend on indicating their destination to determine the correct exit gate. The issue arises when their destinations are not included in the station signage, which leads to confusion.

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Design Process


In response to that, we redesigned the indoor navigation map and signage, incorporating a user-friendly layout that features the most-visited places near the MRT stations. This approach not only addresses the confusion arising from incomplete station signage but also enhances the overall commuter experience by providing clear and intuitive guidance.

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Crafted by Rivian Pratama

Our product is called Dimas, originated from the Indonesian phrase "Di mana, mas?" commonly used when asking about a destination.

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Crafted by Rivian Pratama

In our product, we prioritize inclusivity by incorporating features designed for individuals with disabilities, such as a customizable handle that allows users to adjust the navigation screen according to their preferences. This addition not only ensures a more accessible experience for people with disabilities but also reflects our commitment to creating technology that serves diverse user needs.

Team Members

Hats off to the people behind this project:

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