Buddy Bee

  • Name
    Team Project · 2023

Project Background

BuddyBee is our first project at Apple Developer Academy. In this opportunity, we were asked to make an app to make good impressions with fellow learners. The objective of BuddyBee is to facilitate positive interactions and create a sense of community among learners in the academy by enabling them to quickly and easily connect with each other.

But, why bee?

The philosophy behind the name BuddyBee is all about being friendly and helpful, just like bees are. We believe that every individual has something valuable to contribute to the community, and that by working together, we can create a positive and supportive environment for everyone.

We want our app to be more than just a tool for connecting people – we want it to be a source of joy and fun, too!

Tools and Technologies

  • SwiftUI
  • AVFoundation
  • Sketch
  • Lottie Animations


color harmonies

BuddyBee app. Faces and names blurred for privacy reasons.


The app includes a camera feature that allows users to take photos of themselves and their new buddies. This was done with AVFoundation.

Randomized learner's name

This feature was used to initiate conversations and get to know each other better, an element of randomness and excitement to the app, making it easy for users to connect with new people.

Randomized emoji 🥳

BuddyBee generates a randomized emoji pose for each user, which can be copied by the user to strike a pose with their new buddies!

BuddyBee allows users to save the photos they take to their phone's gallery. This feature makes it easy for users to keep and share their photos with others.


BuddyBee has bee animations to make it more engaging. The animations were made using Lottie.

Design & Development Process

Design Process

color harmonies

Low-fidelity designs of BuddyBee

When creating low-fidelity designs, we adopted an approach where we first created our own designs and then identified which features could be combined. By doing this, we were able to collaboratively refine our designs.

Lessons Learned

This was my first time developing an application from start to finish in just two weeks! 😆 I learned a lot about the whole process, from designing the low-fidelity design to the final coding. It helped me get better at both designing and coding to create a strong and well-done application. Also, working with diverse teams on this project allowed me to improve my collaboration skills. Learning from people with different perspectives not only made it easier to combine different skills but also gave me a better understanding of how teamwork works in projects with various disciplines.

Team Members

Go checkout their profiles, they're amazing!! 🎖️